Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing in perticular

Its been a long time for me .I had surgery awhile back and I have been so overly busy and tired since.I have done a little fall decorating but nothing like I have seen on the blogs I follow .I see just beautiful homes and outdoor areas and it sometimes make me fell as if I will be a newbie forever.The beautiful flower arrangements are great.I do enjoy looking at what everyone has been up too.There is so much talent and I find myself being very envious.I have enjoyed the crisp weather and wonderful smells of  neighbors fireplaces wafting in the air at night.I also have been thinking of what I can start making for the christmas season for my home.I am looking for some patters for snowmen for my front yard and hope to be making some soon.My daughter has her own place now and I would love to make somethings for her home.She has done a great job even though she doesnt have much ,but she is a real thrift store,yardsale diva.Her home is very warm and inviting I must say.We also have a new addition to our family.My stepdaughter has givin birth recently to a beautiful babygirl named Jadah Lee and she is so sweet.Now I am the Granma to three.Wow...Weel I hope to come back to my blog with a more constructive view soon .