Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Grandma

I wanted to write abit  about my grandma was a small women with beautiful white hair she put in a bun.Every summer when I was small I would spend a couple of weeks with her and I always looked forward to spending time with her.She didn't talk a whole lot cause she was always busy.My grandma lived in a Wood cabin that set back a long lane  you had to step on stepping stones in a brook to get to the gate to the yard of her house.My grandma had no electricity no running water and made pretty much everything she needed.I would pump water from a well that she used to cook and clean and bathe.The kitchen was the heart of the house.She had a beautiful cook stove that she kept going .I had the most wonderful meals from that stove.She would send me up in the field past the barn where there were wild raspberries growing,I picked [and ate] raspberries for her to make preserves.Making preserves make the kitchen so hot but the smell and taste was great,peach syrup was my all time favorite so she always had some for me to put on my pancakes it was delicious.In her living room or she called it the parlor.Was an old Victrola she would crank it and listen to music for a while before bed .Since there was no electricity she also had an ice box in the parlor ,the ice man would carry a big block of ice up the long lane and put it in the top to keep everything cold.We milked cows and feed hogs and chickens gathered eggs and fed everything.She had an old bull that gord her in her side and well the bull was sent away for her safety and she was out of bed the next day cookin.She made her own soap which she did in a big kettle in her yard.At night we played domino's or read or played cards.At bath time you got out the big metal wash tub and she heated water on the stove and you bathed in the kitchen.I would look at pictures in the parlor while she bathed and when she was done she would come in the parlor and brush her long white hair till it was dry ,then braid it to the side to go to bed.When bed time came she would get the kerosene lamp and walk me upstairs and tuck me in I would watch the light fade as she walked to her room the light would go out and tired from the day I would sleep like a baby.Everything she owned as made by hand .Everything she did she did with love.She worked everyday to make sure there was food for winter,She picked and caned and stocked up on thins to keep that cabin goin and I miss it so much to this day.Every memory I have is clear and prims take me back there to that kitchen and that parlor and that warm at home feelin I got from my grandmas.Even away from all the necessities I had at home I loved that place.No TV  no radio no fans no spigot to get water from,I loved it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More of my stuff

This is the coffee maker cover I made I think I need to ruff it up some more.I liked making it and it only took a couple hours.I cant believe how much I enjoy it.I think my next project will be a trash can for the kitchen.I really liked one that was in country sampler an I think I can get it pretty close.It wont be exactly like it but pretty close.Then I want to make a blanket crane.There is a tutorial in the simply prim blog and its beautiful.I want to do some stitchery too.I have gotten some wonderful ideas.I have been looking for anything with sheep.I love sheep.That's the country girl in me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I made this towel holder for my bathroom because all I had were two small chrome ones the previous owner put in.I hated them.
This is my bee skep I made for sisel and jute and hot glue. I think it turned out ok.And the other is my adjustable candle holder.
I wanted to make a peg board and peg candle holder and this is what I made.I used masonary nails instead of dowels so it was so easy.
This is my cornice shelf I made for above my kitchen window it was fun measuring and figuring out what to do about a curtain rod.I found one at lowes that worked out perfectly.

What I have been doin

I have been very busy with a few projects.Some I did afew weeks ago but wasnt quit sure if I was ready to show them since I am new to this but here it goes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Blogging

I am learning slowly about this blogging thing so I hope people will be patient I feel like an idiot as far as this is concerned .I really have no experience in this yet .I want to eventually make more things and even tutoral but its slow goin.I work full time and care for my grandchildren in the evenings so I dont get the oppertunity to get a whole lot done.I have made a few things so far.I maded a towel holder for my bathroom and a peg thing for my livingroo to hold a peg candle holder that I made.I also made a small ladder which hangs over the breakfast bar.I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from the great bloggers out there and hope I can perticipate in giving them some too.I think this is great.I am not the greatest writer but I just hope I make sence.I love this and hope to get better.Thanks for checkin out my blog guys.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My new projects

I have started on some new projects and I am havin fun .My bathroom is pretty well country except for towel racks.I wanted to replace them with a ladder but it is way to small don't have the room so I decided to make some.I have been seein some on the great blogs I follow and I figured I can do it.I cut them out and now I need to put them together.I love this.I need to get some new light fixtures yet.I have great wainscoting in the bathroom and have to find a way to make it look old and take out a handicap fixture and it will be done.I am excited and cant believe how nice it will be,I see all the beautiful warm homes I have seen on blogs.Prim or country deco gives me such a warm feelin It makes me feel like I am at my granmas again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my yard my oasis

My husband and I and even friends hace worked on this yard for a time now and part one is complete.My husband who is the yard guy is so great at having a vision of what he wants and making it come to life.It was done by july 3 and we had a great cookout for our neighbors who pitched in and helped .Our great neighbors would come around I believe curious as to what is that guy next door up to.They would come to check it out and next thing ya know they were grabbin a shovel or movin something like pavers.They now bring friends around to show what they did .