Saturday, June 18, 2011

My house

            I got up this morning with great intentions.I was gonna get the computer room organized.My daughter told me about a great yard sale and by the time I got there all the things she told me they had were so not there anymore.So back to the computer room.I started to get the laundry finished so I could get that much done .My laundry room is in my computer room,I don't have to run up and down stairs all day.It has a small loft in it where I made a small display of things I like.I hung some pictures that a local artist had painted.I loved the pictures they were bought by a neighbor a long time ago .My husband asked if he could buy them from her and over much haggling he surprised me with them and I wanted to finish getting them hung.Done.I cleaned off the computer desk and went to vacuum the floor and then it happened.The crap that just ruins your whole day.I looked down at the floor near the washer and there it was. a very large puddle of water.Yes my washer had bitten the dust and left me practically in tears.Messing with that and cleaning up the puddle took a large chunk of time.My honey ran out and bought me anew washer and hooked it up and well the best part of the day gone,shoot,ca put.I did get the laundry done.And well I just cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.I have yet more plans for things to do.I was hopeing to do some crafts tomorrow.I wanted to make some doors for the large cubby in my bathroom.And a flag holder for my front porch.I havent been able to work on anything for some time now and I miss it.I love the smell of sawdust.Well if all goes according to plan maybe.


  1. Life rarely goes as planned,huh?!
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    Good thing you have such a wonderful hubby, that jumped in to help you out the way he did.
    He deserves a big hug.
    Mine would've just stood around gripped and stress me out more. LOL!
    Your display above you laundry looks great, though.
    Love that little wagon.
    Hang in there.

  2. Sorry that you had such a rough day .Hopefully tomorrow will bring better things. Your laundry room looks great .Hugs,Jen

  3. Here's hoping you have a much better day tomorrow!
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