Friday, July 27, 2012

Alot To Do

Well my friends its been along time since I have written and I must say my life has changed alot.I have been ill and I was in terrible shape hardly able to walk.I was told because of blood tests I had scleroderma witch is well a horrible and debilitating disease that well is not what you would ever want.I went to Johns Hopkins and they said no don't believe that's what you have.I have been seeing a rheumatologist and have been put on vit D that I was low in my blood and have had a few other meds that have been on and switched to something else but I am feeling much better.It doesn't hurt so much to walk now.I no longer work I stay home and watch my grandchildren and keep my house and well that is work.My job was making me even sicker.I have Raynauds and they kept it so cold that I would be in pain everyday.I don't want a pity party I am getting much better.My home life is well crap but whatever.My husband cant handle a wife that's sick so well.The wife that is well and bring in a paycheck and does everything else is what he can handle.Enough about that.I want to get back into crafting and I have to take it slow but please bear with me.I started this blog because I love crafting and being creative and that loves is still in me.My favorite is working with wood and making things I can use.I love prims and have at least alot of ideas I want to do.If  I see something I can usually figure out how to do it without plans so it takes me some trial and error but it works for me.I have been to thrift shops and did some re dos and really enjoyed that.Old and well some things that looked pretty tacky have turned out great.I am no great writer but its readable.I have to get my frustration out somehow.I cant believe how my life has changed in one year.Last August I started getting a burning in my feet and my knees hurt.I started gaining weight though I was eating less.I have had alot of other illnesses for the past couple years and though maybe it was from them.I got weak and tired doing practically nothing.Getting out of bed was awful because the pain in my feet and knees was horrible.Sleeping was bad I would get little charlie horses everywhere even my stomach,well that is the only way to describe it.I had terrible depression not knowing what was wrong with me or what was next.I had no loving husband to hold my hand and help me through it just the opposite.My daughter became my support system.She listened and went to my dr appt with me.She was my shoulder to cry on and was the one I could depend on to make me laugh and take my mind off the crap I was dealing with.I am feeling stronger and its a good thing cause my marriage is going to hell.I  cant believe how my life is but I need to get it headed in the right direction and I hope my blog will be a saving grace for me.My grandchildren keep me on my toes so that keeps me mobile and if I don't keep moving around I start hurting more .I am doing alot more to get right so it cant be wrong.I am on prednisone and despite what I have read I am losing weight.I have more energy and I feel I will get better.The dr cant figure out what is wrong with me but if it is my immune system gone haywire the prednisone represses the immune system and hopefully it will get right once I am off of the meds.I have 5 more weeks and well I guess we will see.My wood is in my loft above my carport and I am still alittle scared to try to go up for it but I am gonna try latter today so we will see.Might get something going for tomorrow.I hope I haven't made anyone feel bad cause I need this and well I felt I needed to catch up.If nothing else happens I am back and ready to get started.

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